GearsOur experience, as both principals and advisors, means we bring more than just advisory capability to an acquisition or divestiture. We know first-hand the importance of:

  • Synergy and strategic factors
  • Value and pricing, incorporating financing, as necessary
  • Marketing
  • Due diligence
  • Integration
  • Structure, terms and conditions
  • Closing and post-closing issues

We bring the following capabilities to the table:

  • Defining parameters
  • Internal considerations, including goal definition
  • Competitive considerations
  • Timing considerations
  • Financing considerations
  • Identifying targets or prospective purchasers
  • Structuring and managing the process
  • Evaluation, considering value parameters, comparables, discounted cash flow analysis
  • Executing the process
  • Assistance with due diligence
  • Assistance with closing and related matters
  • Assistance with post-closing matters

A successful and effective transaction, post-closing, means planning and executing well – every step along the way.

As important as the transaction is, understanding and maintaining a firm grip on the objectives throughout the process is the key to success. Many transactions do not meet their objectives because, often in the excitement of “doing the deal”, objectives can become secondary, or lost altogether. We know this from our experience, and will bring this experience to bear to help ensure that you actually achieve what you started out to accomplish.